Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baby Brea Blog

Lesson 9

'Her colors are pink and pink...'

(If you know where that quote is from that you are either a gay man or my mother.)

The News:
One of my favorite 'Martha Messages' is the focus on truly putting thought and care into gift giving. My platinum sister, Dana Ruth/ the 'inspiration' for this blog, phoned me with the most amazing news. Dana and her fabulous husband Jeff are expecting their first child. Knowing Dana for over the past decade this moment is one we had dreamed of for years. I screamed like a school girl and immediately started to plan the perfect baby basket of goodies!

BUH! Snow:
I had been planning on attending Dana's Baby Shower in Boston but due to one of the many Blizzards of 2011 I was stranded in New York and left wishing I could teleport to see Dana's Baby Bump.

The only benefit of missing the Baby Shower was that days later Dana found out she was having a Baby Girl!!! This fact allowed me to revisit my ultimate baby gift bag and go full on PINK on PINK!

It begins with a journey to Michael's!!

Shopping List:
  1. Baby Basket
  2. Satin Ribbons
  3. Cellophane
  4. Clear Tape
  5. Butcher Craft Paper
  6. Tissue Paper
**Note: Select a color palette and make sure all of your components gel together.

What to give?
Assemble an array of gifts that connect you to the recipient. I always like to give a mix of touching, funny and practical gifts. Also, don't forget Mommy and Daddy! I think it is nice to acknowledge everyone in the family with a cute token of love and celebration.


Dana and I have been joking about Breast Feeding FOREVER! I instantly knew I had to get her something to coordinate with the BFing. I ventured my single NYC self into 'Yummy Mummy' on the UES. A breast feeding mother's haven or places their single friends can snag them thoughtful gifts. There it was-the perfect PINK Mommy Must Have-a Hooter Hider! This is a stylish way to breastfeed in public and not be so 'boobs out'. (Granted I love boobs out-cleavage bearing tops, perhaps this is why I am the single friend?)

Please note, I cannot mention Breastfeeding and NOT mention this YouTube classic!!!

I liked Jeff from the moment I met him! He appreciates my inappropriate humor and thinks my 'crazy' is far from crazy. I found this adorable book called 'Black On White' which made me LOL. When Dana and Jeff first started dating her ring tone was Michael Jackson's, "Black or White." Jeff is year round tan like me and Dana is more so milky white. (In a fierce way, I swear)

So Baby Bear-Black on White-PERFECT!

Baby Brea:
I thought Baby Brea needed head to toe attention. We begin at the tiny toes. Babies cannot wear Manolos but they can wear Trumpettes. Seriously, they come in a baby shoe box, in a variety of colors and resemble the classic 'Ballet Flat.' BEYOND! I customized the wrapping paper by adding fun quotes from Carrie Bradshaw and her shoe addiction. Also, while browsing the shoe area I spotted Baby Ballerina Shoes and just lost it! Completely NOT practical but TOO cute to pass up. So Baby Brea will need to wait three years to rock them with her first tutu but she will look j'adorable at the first day of dance class.

Best Dressed Baby:
Shoes-Check! Onto the perfect Baby Girl Ensemble. I decided to go for 3-6months as the first 3 months they are really chilling in onesies and pampers. At 3 months the REAL baby couture begins. Many top women's designers have branched out into baby-wear. Ella Moss has a line of easy to wear, super soft and most importantly fashion forward pieces for your little one. I found this PINK dress with matching PINK bloomers and the deal was sealed!

Bring on the Heart Strings:
I knew I wanted to give Baby Brea something sweet and close to my heart. I found the CUTEST apple rattle from organic Apple Park. And I inscribed a note, "So you know someone in the big apple loves you..." Being so far away from these happy monumental moments is difficult but true friendship transcends miles. I cannot wait to meet Baby Brea and give her an Aunt Jenny hug!!!

In conclusion, I cannot think of two better people to bring a life into this world. Dana and Jeff are rich in love, faith and have the kind of bond that will carry them through the challenging moments of parenthood. I wish I could share the feeling I have of such sheer joy for my best friend from the moment she shared this news. As a daughter who loves her mother through and through I know Dana will have the same bond with her daughter. Baby Brea you have a world of people waiting to love you!!!

As Always With Love,
Aunt Jenny

PS-The blog is back! The clouds have been lifted and my creativity is flowing again! Thanks for waiting...


  1. Love the blog, Jen, and the baby basket was so precious. Congrats to Dana!

  2. Thanks Meg!!! love that you visited! Stalking your blog now. :)

  3. oh gosh! that last part made me teary! this is so cute, jenn!!! such a sweet, thoughtful, chic and darling lil' gift! aunt jenny rocks...